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Headteacher's Welcome

Last updated: March 2021

Welcome to Huntingtree Primary School!


We are really pleased that you have taken the time to visit our website and find out more about our wonderful school.


We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school that strives to achieve our vision of every child known, happy and learning. In working towards this vision, we focus on developing staff at all levels that are caring, positive and skilled, putting the children at the heart of everything we do.


Over time, we have developed a bespoke curriculum that enables all of our children to develop a range of skills and knowledge across a breadth of subjects. Intertwined in all lessons are opportunities for our children to develop the core values of confidence, aspiration and well-being, which we passionately believe will stand them in good stead for a healthy and productive life ahead. Delve into our curriculum by clicking here.


Since the new leadership joined the school in September 2016, we have improved all aspects of safeguarding across school - so that parents can be confident their children will be safe during the school day.


This probably sounds the same as most head teachers’ welcomes you have read. So what's unique about us?


At Huntingtree, we are human and approachable. You won’t get recorded messages here; our policies are designed to be user-friendly and full of common sense. Senior leaders are out welcoming children and families each day.


We have a new, purpose-built Early Years and Infant building that gives our children the best possible environment in which to start their school career and our school is set in wonderful grounds, with lots of light, space and wildlife – which we make full use of as part of our curriculum.

In addition to this, we recognise the need for our school to provide better support to children and families with well-being challenges and our nurture team is growing in size and expertise to facilitate this.


Finally, and of course, most crucially, we have an amazing team of teachers that give their all each day to provide amazing lessons for our children and when we strip back everything I’ve said so far, that is what it is all about.


Please have a look around the rest of the website and if you are interested in a school place, we encourage parents to come and visit and see for yourselves what Huntingtree can offer. Please telephone the school on 01384 818650 and our friendly office team will be only too glad to help you.


Thank you for your time.


Mr. Harrold

Head Teacher

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