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Identifying SEND

The SEND register is managed by the Inclusion Lead. For a child to be placed on the SEND register, one of the following processes will be followed with the conclusion reached that the child does have an additional need. 


Assessment Information: 

Children at Huntingtree complete formal assessments three times per academic year. These assessments are analysed by the Senior Leadership Team and children who are either not making progress or are achieving a low standardised score are identified for further screening with the Inclusion Lead to provide further insight into these pupil's needs.


Teaching Staff Identification:

The Inclusion Lead is available for all teachers to meet with on a weekly basis to discuss any SEN concerns. If teachers believe they have a pupil who may have an additional need, they must complete an internal SEN referral document which identifies which of the four broad areas of need they are concerned about. They must also evidence a cycle of Assess-Plan-Do-Review to exemplify why they feel a child may have an additional need.


A teacher referral will then be assessed via a triangulation process to establish if the child does have a special educational need: 



Family Identification:

Following concerns about a possible unidentified special educational need, families are encouraged to raise this with the school by contacting the Inclusion Lead, Mr Evans.