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Additional Support

Huntingtree has a wide range of additional support which can be accessed by children with a SEN. This is not an exhaustive list, and we adapt the support we offer based on the changing needs of children.


Cognition and Learning

  • Individual Education Plans to provide purposeful and achievable targets to enable children with a SEN to make progress
  • A range of interventions, some tailored to specific needs (for example, Toe by Toe for children with dyslexic traits)
  • Small group support in lessons as appropriate 


Communication and Interaction

  • Speech and language interventions from a dedicated member of staff trained in deliver high-quality interventions
  • Total Communication environments utilising communication strategies such as PECs and Makaton as appropriate
  • Social skills groups and social stories to support appropriate social interaction


Social, Emotional and Mental Health

  • A range of nurture support from our Learning Support Assistants, our Pastoral Lead and Phase Trust Counselling and two Nurture Bases 
  • Entry to school support for children struggling with the transition from home to school
  • Movement breaks to support regulation 


Physical and/or Sensory

  • Risk assessments are used and action is taken to increase the safety and inclusion of all pupils in school
  • Ear defenders are utilised by children who are sensitive to noise
  • A range of resources in our Nurture Bases to provide positive sensory stimulation