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How we assess


Assessment doesn't just mean tests (although these can be very useful). Assessment is happening all the time - each time a teacher asks a question or sets some work.


Assessment in lessons

In lessons, teachers ask questions to find out how well each child is picking up the skill or concept. They then adapt the lesson content to provide extra help, 'scaffolding' or additional challenge, as needed. In this way, and by keeping a close eye on the work produced over time, teachers build a picture of each child's progress. This picture helps us to provide just the right level of support and challenge.


Assessment over time

At the end of the year, you will receive a report from your child's class teacher giving you a summary of how they have done. This report includes information about attainment and progress.



This is an assessment of whether your child is working at an age-appropriate level. In other words, can they independently do and understand the work for their year group? 



This a measurement of how quickly your child has improved over time, no matter what their starting point. For children with special educational needs, additional arrangements are in place to share with parents how their children are making progress with their individual targets. More information about the arrangements for supporting inclusion and SEN can be found here.


For both attainment and progress, we use tests and quizzes (when it is appropriate) to base our assessments on. We try hard to get the balance right of not testing too often, but at the right time. And we are always sensitive to individual children's difficulties. Sometimes, different tests or arrangements are needed to best suit a child's needs.