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School Meal Information

Dear Parent / Carer


Alliance in Partnership are very proud to be the chosen caterer for Huntingtree Primary School.  We provide nutritious healthy meals for the students to enjoy and provide them with all the nutrients and energy to get them through their busy day.  We offer a wide selection of choice to suit everybody’s taste to ensure we cater for the whole school.


Alliance in Partnership specialises in education catering and have a vast amount of experience in this sector. 


Alliance in Partnership are an independent catering company providing schools meals across the Midlands,  Herefordshire, Bedfordshire, London, Buckinghamshire, Bristol, Staffordshire, Gloucestershire, Kent, North Somerset and Worcestershire.


We operate menus on a 3 weekly cycle which includes a main and vegetarian course. All our menus meet and exceed all national nutritional standards.  A copy of this menu is overleaf.


Amy Teichman, our Quality & Nutrition Manager, is available should you wish to talk to her directly about your child's dietary needs.  Should your child have any dietary or allergy requirements you will need to fill out a dietary requirement form or a carbohydrate count form and Amy will work with you to ensure menus are suitable for your child.


If your child has a special dietary requirement i.e. allergy or diabetes etc, allergen request forms and carbohydrate count forms will also available from the school office and on the website.


We understand it is important for your child to have a healthy lifestyle.  Also we acknowledge that the dining experience is a social skill that your child has already developed, we want to build on that, making eating fun and exciting.


For even more information please visit our website


Yours sincerely



John McMellon

Operations Manager

Mobile No: 07539 371779

Free school meals


To apply for free school meals you can either apply online here, or complete a paper application form available from the school office.

How to book school meals


All school meals at Huntingtree Primary School are booked via the School Money (Eduspot) app. We do request that parents use the app to order their child's lunch everyday.


If you haven't already downloaded the School Money app we would like to recommend this for parents to use.  It's an easier interface for booking school lunches than using the School Money website.


You will only need to register and login to the app once.  Once you have done this, the app will remain permanently logged on, unless you delete the app or logout.


First you will need to download the app onto your device through the relevant app store; it is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS. We have included a Parental User Manual below for more details on using this App.


If you currently provide your child with food from home, this is the perfect time to consider a school meal as an alternative, as our menus are highly popular with students and offer good value for money, with a competitive daily meal price of £2.40.  Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are eligible for Universal Infant Free School Meals which are funded by the government. In Key Stage 2, if your child is not entitled to free school meals then meals should be paid for in advance and we ask parents to share the menu with your child(ren), discuss the menu offerings and pre-book your lunchtime choices via School Money.


Please note that the booking system closes at 12.00 midnight for the following days meals.