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Every child known, happy and learning.

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The Huntingtree Vision


Our starting point is our aim for every child to be known, happy and learning. This is our vision. It permeates all that we do. Below is an extended version of this vision; it encompasses our vision for adults in school and our values.


What does this look like?


For example:

  • Known as individuals with unique personalities
  • Known, noticed and rewarded for consistently good behaviour
  • Known and their learning needs are understood through our rigorous system of diagnostic assessments that ensures teachers know the gaps in learning of each pupil and how to address them.


For example:

  • Happy because they are in a school that keeps them safe
  • Happy to be in a school where their views are valued and through the school council they have a voice that is genuinely listened to and acted upon
  • Happy to be in a school where high expectations of behaviour are the norm.


For example:

  • Learning in a school that encourages limitless progress in all lessons, with no glass ceilings or punitive ability groupings
  • Learning in a school where teachers love teaching and where lessons are fun
  • Learning a curriculum that is varied, matched to their needs and provides them with the skills and knowledge to flourish in later life


Vision for teachers

We also have a clear vision for how our vision of every child known, happy and learning translates into a vision for teachers:

You can find out more about our pedagogy/teaching methods here.

Our values

Confidence, aspiration and well-being are our values - and you can find out more about them here.