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Thank you to all our parents supporting children's home learning during this difficult time... If you have any questions, give us a call on 01384 818650.
Every child known, happy and learning.



Confidence, aspiration and well-being are our school values. They are the character attributes that we actively promote in our children and which guide our staff in their interactions.



What does this look like?


For example…

• Confidence in own self, opinion and ideas


For example…

• Aspiration to achieve ambitions


For example…

• Finding satisfaction in living healthily

Promoting our values

Our values form the basis of our vision for children's personal development. Along with academic success, we strive for children to build strength of character and a 'readiness to launch', by the time they leave Huntingtree. You can find out more about the extensive opportunities we provide to actively promote children's personal development, both in the curriculum and the co-curriculum, here.


How are our values reflected in children's conduct?

You can find out more about our expectations for children's behaviour and conduct here. Our full behaviour policy is here.