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As from Monday 23rd March 2020 school will be closed for the majority of children. Please remember, home learning will be communicated via the Parentmail system.
Staying safe, by staying apart - for now!

Our Visions and Values

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Our Vision

Every child known, happy and learning.

Our Values


At Huntingtree, we seek to uphold the following values:


  • Independence

  • Perseverance

  • Caring

  • Co-operation

  • Respect

  • Fairness


Through a common framework of values, adults at Huntingtree offer a consistent approach to our interaction with children. We seek to model associated behaviours to the children and recognise and praise them when their behaviour choices and attitude exemplify these values.


We further reinforce these values, through termly letters to those children across school whose exemplary attitude embodies either Independence, Perseverance, Caring, Co-operation, Respect or Fairness.


We believe that the children should be clear about our expectations and therefore agreed these behaviours as a staff team, as a way of exemplifying what we want to see from them. See below.

Demonstrating Our Values

Demonstrating Our Values 1
Demonstrating Our Values 2
Demonstrating Our Values 3
Demonstrating Our Values 4
Demonstrating Our Values 5
Demonstrating Our Values 6