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Other signs of curriculum impact

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Other signs of impact:


  • PASS survey evidences that children’s perceived learning capacity has risen by 6.6%
  • In Autumn 2 (2021) and Spring 1 (2022), 42% of subject leaders have delivered a club. These have been focused on: Spanish, writing, music, PSHE and computing
  • In Autumn 2 (2021) and Spring 1 (2022), subject leaders have launched competitions for their subject - with all subjects planned to have run a competition by the end of the year
  • Huntingtree is an inclusive school that effectively supports children with additional needs. The provision for children with SEND is led and managed well, with high levels of support for children with EHCPs, an in-class provision that utilises a focussed intervention system to quickly address misconceptions, and a graduated response to identifying and responding to children with additional needs. Children with SEND, from November to February, made on average: 7 months progress in reading and 5 months progress in maths
  • There is a culture of worthwhile working. Staff workload is manageable because leaders work hard to remove all unnecessary tasks and strip back bureaucracy. Leaders understand that staff wellbeing is fundamental to an effective school. In a staff survey in January 2022: 97.2% of staff felt that the approach to planning, feedback, use of meetings and PPA time (etc.) means that workload is manageable
  • Transition is effectively planned and prioritised for all key transitional points in a pupil’s school journey.
  • We work hard to ensure that any medical needs are effectively catered for
  • With key appointments, we have significantly increased capacity to ensure pupils with mental health needs have systems in place to support them - this is obviously an ever-increasing priority.