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Knowledge and skills

Unit organisers


The unit organisers are the heart of the Huntingtree curriculum. You can see them all here. This is where subject content from the national curriculum is organised into units (or topics).


For example, the National Curriculum for geography states that “pupils should develop knowledge about the world, the United Kingdom and their locality.”  At Huntingtree in year 1, children learn that we live in the West Midlands county; the area that the town of Halesowen is in is known as the Black Country; and that three cities in our county are Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry.


In this way, from year to year, children at Huntingtree build upon their knowledge and develop their expertise and confidence.

Key skills


Children at Huntingtree learn a set of key skills in each subject that helps them to become great mathematicians, scientists and artists (etc.).


For example, in geography, the following 5 skills are developed throughout the children's time at school:

  1. Locating
  2. Map-making
  3. Navigating
  4. Aerial-surveying
  5. Fieldwork


In this way, we ensure that children at Huntingtree know more and can do more, each year.