Huntingtree Primary School

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Thank you for your support whilst we've worked to put in place remote learning and critical worker provision. It is much appreciated.
Every child known, happy and learning.



High standards of behaviour are one of the key foundations for great learning. Expectations and rules should be easy to remember and understand. In their interactions and learning, every child at Huntingtree is expected to be ready, respectful and safe.

What does this look like?


For example…

  • Ready for school, on time, with all that you need for the day
  • Ready for learning, in the right frame of mind


For example…

  • Respectful of others’ opinions
  • Respectful of others’ feelings


For example…

  • Keeping yourself safe
  • Keeping others safe

Behaviour policy

For more detail about what happens when things are going well, not going so well and information about arrangements for necessary adaptations, you can read our full behaviour policy here.