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Welcome to Year 5 with Mr Smith!

Hello and welcome! It is Mr Smith here to tell you about some of the exciting learning planned for Year 5 this Spring Term.

Firstly, thank you for making me feel ever so welcome since joining in January.  I am particularly pleased with our attendance so far this half term. Remember if you are not here you cannot learn and we cannot win class attendance prizes, so try your best to always be in school!

Some of the links below may help you with your learning over the next term, check them out!

If you have any concerns or issues please come and see me, my door is always open.

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Your homework and spellings go out on a Friday! Homework is due on the following Tuesday

'Native Americans'

Year 5 - Spring 1 and 2 topic



This is a humanities based topic where your children will be learning about the different Native American cultures.  Children will also be looking at the history of the pilgrims and the Native Americans; describing key historical events and people. We will also be studying the story of 'Pocahontas' and the different viewpoints of the natives and the settlers.  Being creative, we will design and make totem poles, based on animals that are significant to us and war bonnets.