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4. Subjects

All subjects taught at Huntingtree have the same rigorous level of documentation and guidance. This is a reflection of how we equally value each subject. 


An overview of the context and aims for that subject, including framework, provision, unique opportunities, knowledge, skills, personal development and co-curriculum opportunities



An explanation of the teaching methods used in that subject


Year group overview:

An overview of the content of each unit taught at each point in the year


Unit organisers:

A user-friendly set of guidance on the content to be taught in each unit, in each year group – and how these units relate to learning that has gone before or that is to come


Skills progression:

An overview of how each of the 5 key skills for that subject are broken down for each year group


Personal development:

An overview of the opportunities that are provided by that subject, in the curriculum and co-curriculum that enable children to develop their character, in line with our school values


Access and challenge:

An explanation of how teaching can be adapted in that subject for those children who need support or extra challenge


Pitch and expectation:

An exemplified version of the skills progression, with clearer guidance on what the skills look like in each year group



An explanation of the procedures in place for the assessment of that subject – in terms of attainment and diagnostics


Medium term planning:

The format for teachers to plot the content and skills for a half term