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Aim High. Inspire. Believe. Together We Achieve.

Our Visions and Values

Huntingtree is an inclusive Primary School in Halesowen.


Our vision is to develop positive attitudes, identify and promote individual achievement, encourage high standards in every aspect of school life through team work and to create a commitment to life-long learning.

It is a two form entry school which means it is small enough to ensure every child can feel part of our community.

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"Aim High. Inspire. Believe. Together We Achieve.’


Huntingtree provides a Values based education. These values permeate through all we do. We take a ‘value’ every half term and explore it with the children; through Collective Worship, SEAL or when thinking about British Values.

Our values:



We treat all the children fairly and expect them to be the same to each other. Children learn to take turns

In the school community, this value includes:

  • addressing bullying and harassment through effective whole school programmes
  • challenging cultural stereotypes

In classrooms, this value includes:

  • maintaining high expectations of everyone
  • encouraging and participating in open discussions about fairness and justice
  • planning to ensure that teaching and learning is meaningful and relevant to everyone
  • accepting other people and their backgrounds.



This value includes:

  • accepting the right of others to hold different views to your own
  • listening to others without interrupting
  • obeying school rules
  • acknowledging the strengths and abilities of students
  • affirming cultural diversity within the school community.



Caring for all around us. Whether it be peers, animals, family. Working in a caring environment helps children learn to the best of their abilities.



Not being over-reliant on others e.g. Teachers or Teaching Assistants. Having a go by yourself, finding the correct resources, working things independently of others.



This value means working well together.

  • accepting class protocols for group work and working with others
  • working well with others outside immediate friendships
  • initiating problem solving
  • identifying issues and possible solutions to help resolve conflict.



Never giving up! Knowing that they need to dig deep when things are difficult and keep trying. To have a growth mindset and have a go at new and exciting challenges.

Children are our future


At Huntingtree we lead a child focussed school where every learner is valued.