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Home Learning

Home Learning




After much research, we believe that the best use of home learning time for primary age children is as further practice and consolidation of learning completed already in school.


Weekly home learning is in parallel to daily reading and regular practice of basic skills in maths.

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Reading at Home


Children who read regularly at home at are a distinct advantage. 


At Huntingtree Primary School, we encourage home reading through our provision of a home reading book - which is changed at least once a week.


For further details about reading, please follow the link to our Curriculum - English - Reading section:

Weekly home learning tasks set are supplemented by regular home reading and practice of basic maths skills.


At key points in the year, parents are given resources that support their child with the types of questions where assessments have shown to be weaknesses. Below is a copy of the comprehension bookmarks and the maths basic skills sheets that have been used.