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School closed Thursday 23rd November 2017 due to heating and electrical issues. We apologise for the inconvenience and will update you as soon as we have any further information.
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E- Safety


Welcome to the Huntingtree E-Safety Page!


The internet is an AMAZING PLACEno, overflowing with knowledgemail, games  and communities of people sad.



Real World




Knowledge mail 


In the 'Real World', if someone told you that they could talk to alienswould you believe them?


                                                  YES or NO








In the 'Real World', if someone told you that you could play an 18 certificate game, would you believe them?


                                                   YES or NO





Communities of people sad


In the 'Real World', if someone told you it was okay to arrange to meet up with a strangerwould you believe them?

                                                YES or NO




When online, think like you would in the 'Real World'. 

If you wouldn't do it in the 'Real World', then don't do it online!



noThis WILL keep you safeno




H U N T S A F E  Rules



In school you will be taught the H U N T S A F E rules to remind you how to stay safe online (check out the display in the Computer Suite).



H How you treat others, should be the same as how you would want to be treated.


U Understand that the Internet is an amazing place when used in a safe way.


N Never meet up with someone you have never met before in real life.


T The messages you send should be friendly and use kind words.


S Shut the laptop lid or turn off the monitor if you see something you don't like online, then tell an adult immediately.


A Avatars are better to use online than personal photographs of you.


F Friend requests should only be accepted from people you know.


E Everyone's personal information is private.  Don't share yours online.



 laughCheck out the videos and websites below to see ways you can stay safe online.

What to do if something strange appears?

If you see something strange, then ask for help from a grown up.

Who do you share your details with?

If your information is personal or private then don't share it. Remember the HUNTSAFE rules to stay safe online!

Has something happened online that has made you feel worried or unsafe?


Make a report to one of CEOP's Child Protection Advisors

or speak to Mr Smith (Year 5 teacher and Huntingtree esafety coordinator).