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The maths tutorial videos, to support your children, have now been completed. Visit 'Curriculum', 'Maths' and click on the calculator link.
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Digital Leaders

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Our brilliant, enthusiastic, hard-working Digital Leaders recently had a full day of training to prepare them for their new role. Scroll down to see the links to the J2E Blogs they have created. 


The Job Description


  • Help make sure that pupils at Huntingtree how to stay safe online (E-Safety)
  • Help develop rules to keep children safe online. 
  • Blog on behalf of the school.
  • Comment on other peoples blog posts.
  • Test new IT and Computing resources, which could be websites, software or hardware.
  • Share their skills and expertise with other pupils, classes and teachers.
  • Set up ICT/ Computing equipment in classrooms for teachers.
  • Support teachers and classes to use ICT/ Computing in the classroom.
  • Work with children from other Dudley schools on special projects, as well as to help organise and support other out-of-school-hours activities.
Picture 1 Hi, I'm Ethan. I am the Digital Leader in Year 6.
Picture 2 Hi, I'm Charisma. I am the Digital Leader in 5S.
Picture 3 Hi, I'm Rohan. I am the Digital Leader in 5B.
Picture 4 Hi, I'm Mia. I am the Digital Leader in 4R.
Picture 5 Hi, I'm Zack. I am the Digital Leader in 3S.
Picture 6 Hi, I'm Lamya. I am the Digital Leader in 3H.